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Step back in time when you visit this hotel in this magical town first incorporated in 1818. One unique thing about Mooresville is that the entire town, not just a few places, is on the National Registry of Historic Places. The post office is the oldest operational one in Alabama. The Stagecoach Inn and Tavern was built in 1820 and today is used as the Mooresville Town Hall. There are two churches - the Old Brick Church built in 1839, and Mooresville Church of Christ in 1854. Andrew Johnson, president of the United States, was once a tailor's apprentice here. Mooresville was the primary location for the filming of Disney's Tom and Huck made in 1995. Amid this history, you can stay at a hotel that encourages you to experience the laid-back atmosphere and be a part of history. It is the perfect place to relax on a vacation and enjoy the scenery. Just walking down the streets lined with trees hundreds of years old is a joy, and there are houses still standing for 100 years or more. Of course, if you are planning a wedding, you will be happily surprised. The Old Brick Church is available. The lady who cares for it will be happy to open it and let you tour and plan. You could be married in a church where so many have found happiness. You may prefer an outdoor wedding at 1818 Farms. The bridal room there is furnished with wonderful antiques where the bride and bridesmaids wait for the ceremony. The garden house can be used by the groom to change. There is a prep room in the garden house where caterers can prepare food for the reception. Bordering the Tennessee river and Wheeler wildlife refuge is Creekside Plantation just outside Mooresville. They also accommodate weddings at this antebellum plantation house with guest quarters and magnificent garden areas. In April and May, there are walking tours where you can see some of the amazing old houses that make up much of this town. There is no better place than Mooresville for an anniversary celebration, either. Just book a room and slow down to enjoy all that this tiny town has to offer. You will want to visit again and again.

A county found in Alabama that was created in 1818 by the Alabama Territorial General Assembly. The county gets its name from Limestone Creek that flows through it and it has a bed made of limestone. In the state of Alabama this county is the 3rd smallest county. It lies south of Tennessee state line. This county is well endowed with beautiful sceneries of hills and a fertile agricultural land, hence it is an agricultural county. One of the towns in the county is Mooresville Town.

Mooresville Town

Mooresville town lies between Huntsville and Decatur. This town’s population as by the 2010 census was 53 a drop from that of 2000 which was 59. However a more recent census estimation put the population at 58. According to the 2010 population the small town of Mooresville is the 5th most populous county in Limestone County. In that year the town represented about 0.06% of the county’s population.

This town is one of the oldest towns in the state and in the county too. It was incorporated when Alabama was not a state but a territory still. This was in late 1818.some buildings still standing in the town are some of the oldest dating as early as 1840, even before the American civil war. This town was first visited by the first settlers in about 1805, 14 years before Alabama became a state. This therefore makes this town older than the state itself.

One of the unique things about this town is that all of it is included in the country’s National Registry of Historical Places. This makes the whole town a big part of the History of the state.

This town is a town that hold some historical buildings of the state and ultimately the country. This is such as the oldest post office which to date still has some of the old post boxes still. It has been described that stepping into this town is like stepping back in time. It is like taking a trip in a time machine. This is a small town rich with history. Its appearance, has been used by many architectures to remodel some of the upcoming towns and communities. Apart from that, with the various parks and quiet environment, it provides the best environment for various occasions.

Just like the other towns in Limestone County, the land in Mooresville town is a fertile land that is inhabited by farmers. The early settles of this land found the land level and fertile for tilling and farming making this land one of the agricultural lands in the country among others. The early settlers in the town planted crops such as cotton among others. These crops were used for various functions including also earning a living.

This town has since grown and become part of the current culture of the town. It is one of the homely towns in the country. In December the town is known to decorate and hold festivities among the members to celebrate various occasions. This is one place that because of its scenery can be perfect for various occasions including weddings and Valentine's day. As the day dedicated to love is just around the corner, here are some Valentines day ideas that will help you to organize the perfect date.